Leadership Optimization &
Life-Transformation Coaching Program

Leadership Optimization & Life-Transformation Coaching Program


Helping executives and leaders prioritize themselves in the midst of competing priorities and changing organizational demands.

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Leaders are great at taking care of everyone EXCEPT THEMSELVES

“Short-term sacrifices” quickly turn into long-term lifestyle habits of:

  • Never-ending workloads

  • Unhealthy stress levels

  • Mental overload

  • Losing yourself to all your roles and responsibilities

  • Burnout, exhaustion, lack of enjoyment and fulfillment

Can You Relate?

Stressed Nurse

This Leads To:

  • Decreased time for self-care

  • Problems disconnecting from work

  • Ineffective or inconsistent stress reduction

  • Difficulties with making time for yourself

  • Challenges balancing life and work

  • Home life and work life falling apart
  • Guilt, loss of joy or desire to serve others

Leaders Need:

  • Safe spaces to be transparent

  • Environments without judgment, pressure, or “expectations”

  • Tangible strategies of HOW to prioritize themselves during their busy schedule

  • To connect with colleagues experiencing the same challenges

  • Feel supported and safe to share real concerns

  • A positive environment to be replenished

  • To know that you are not alone (even if it feels like that now)

Positive women teamwork

Since working with Dr. Felice, it seems my life is less chaotic. I’m intentional about finding time to take care of myself and to enjoy life outside of being of service to others.

Reverend Regina Boston, MBA
Assistant Director of New Hanover County Health and Human Services

Rev Regina Boston

Our Clients Report:

Decreased burnout

Improved mindset

Reduced stress levels

Decreased overwhelm

Increased peace and clarity

Collateral benefits to all areas of life such as:
better relationships, job promotions, more fulfillment, deeper spiritual connection, better alignment to one’s purpose, and more income

Greater self-love, self-care and rejuvenation in their schedules

Less chaos and more control in their lives

Decreased negative self-talk, and decreased personal guilt

Continued positive results after the conclusion of our work together

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Kim Harbison

Dr. Felice Carlton is an outstanding professional and it has been my great pleasure to have worked with her for life coaching. Our working relationship began nearly 4 months ago, and I found her approach to effective, directive, supportive and action oriented. She is extremely easy to engage, knowledgeable and trust worthy which is critical for me to be able to open up without judgment. The suggested guidance she provides has enabled me to implement routines in my life that I would not have otherwise deployed with out her help. I have achieved visible change in various areas and relationships in my life both personally and professionally. Its been a 360 degree turn around! Dr. Felice shared useful resources that I used to explore and deepen my commitment to self-improvement. Our regular check in’s were always grounded in our mutual faith of putting God first, productive dialogue including my accomplishments (nothing too large or too small) and challenges that we could work through to overcome. My wholehearted thanks to you Dr. Felice for all of your support.

Kim Harbison
Senior Vice President, Underwriting Senior Manager
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo

What makes us different?

We uncover the root cause of problems. Most leadership coaching programs focus solely on the physical manifestations (stress, poor work-life balance, weight gain, lack of sleep, productivity efficiency, not having enough time, enhancing leadership skills). Typically, these programs give tips on how to work through specific identified challenges. While this insight may create initial positive feelings, and even some results, the success is not sustainable. Our program goes BEYOND providing insight, it addresses how to resolve the root issues. This is the first step in creating the life you desire.

We develop you as a leader AND help you transform your life in a holistic and fulfilling manner.

Two reasons why other programs do not yield sustainable long-lasting results:

1. Does not fix the root cause of the life manifestation of which they provide tips
2. Does not successfully reprogram your inner mental thermostat

Research shows that people naturally gravitate back to old habits over time unless there is internal reprogramming of their mindset thermostat.

Tequia Williams

Dr. Felice is an incredible health, life, and business coach. She has committed herself fully to my personal and professional development in every way imaginable. Dr. Felice strategically helps me to work through my struggles and is always prepared with tons of resources that I can readily implement. Dr. Felice’s coaching has helped me to understand the importance of my own healing and how unaddressed brokenness has filtered into every area of my life. The investment in working with Dr. Felice Carlton was 100% a worthwhile investment because I would still be stagnant, filled with anxiety, depressed, unmotivated, and with the same defeated mindset if I had not hired Dr. Felice. I don’t ever want to be back in that place again. I would not be in the position that I am without Dr. Felice helping me to compartmentalize my life, create plans, work the plans, and see the results. She always encourages me, and opens my eyes to see that I am making progress and I am accomplishing the goals that I’ve set for myself. Hiring Dr. Felice has been the best decision I have made to help get my life back on track towards living on purpose.

Tequia Williams RN, BSN, CMSRN

Our Approach

1. Comprehensive leadership life assessment

2. Choose an area of focus.

3. Discovery: we first dig until we reveal the true root cause of the problem.

4. Strategy: we create specific strategy to address the root cause (which improves the physical manifestations).

5. Implementation: afterwards we use evidence-based methods to teach leaders how to reprogram their internal thermostat and thus solidify long lasting sustainable results.

6. Evaluate: together re-evaluate your success and determine the next best steps for you in journey.

Dr Felice Carlton Approach


We consider applications on a first come, first served basis. Apply Today!

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As life changes- you will have support and strategy to help you navigate new challenges.

Coaching Membership Benefits:

Comprehensive Holistic Life Assessment with Dr. Carlton:
This session is a personalized deep-dive into 9 critical components of your life which affect every aspect of your lifestyle. Afterwards we work together to strategize an initial plan that moves you towards your goals.
(Value $1,250)

Twelve Months of Group Coaching with Dr. Carlton:
Twice per month laser focus calls focusing on mindset enhancement and strategy, healing from burnout, and stress management techniques that you can implement immediately. Gain access to strategic resources tailored to your individual and group needs.
(Value $9,000)

Twelve Months of Expert Support Calls: Ask questions, present challenges or ideas and receive feedback with action steps
(Value $5,760)

Access to Dr. Carlton between designated calls to answer questions:
Sometimes questions or unexpected situations arise in our lives. You do not have to wait until the next scheduled coaching call to receive feedback on quick questions
(Value $5,000)

Access to Exclusive Coaching Online and Offline Community with support:
Obtain accountability partner(s) and feel supported in a safe community of like-minded leaders on the same journey as you.
(Value $2,500)

Live Mastermind Retreat Customized to your needs:
Release the stress of your daily life, and accelerate the process of becoming the most fulfilled and rejuvenated version of yourself. This unique transformational experience is only available to coaching clients and not the public
(Value $1,700)

1 VIP Ticket to Live Event:
VIP entry and seating at the next public live event and given the opportunity to share your success in print media profiles of event materials. This exposure is key to building your network.
(Value $1,500)

Access to UNLEASH™ Mindset Course (and Bonus Resources):
Learn 10 tangible mindset strategies that can be quickly implemented into any busy leader’s life.
(Value $350)

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