Life Reinvention Business Coaching Program

Life Reinvention Business Coaching Program

Helping nursing leaders increase their impact by creating strategic business systems that position them as experts in the marketplace.

Have you ever felt as if you were called for more?

However, you focused so many years in building your career, that you are unsure how to be perceived as an expert outside of your traditional nursing role?

– OR –

Can you relate to any of these?

Are you a nursing leader that started a business but does not know how to succinctly say what you do?

Are you confident in your abilities as a nurse or healthcare provider, but struggle with believing you are an expert in a new business arena?

Do you have trouble attracting the right paying clients? Are you afraid to ask for a certain level of compensation for the value you deliver?

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The Nurse Leader Dilemma

You feel called for more, but you feel stuck in your current career; and are unsure how to generate income or influence outside of your current position. Thinking about all of this is so overwhelming (and scary), but staying stuck is draining the life out of you.

Does your self-doubt ever sound like this?

  • Not knowing how to get unstuck, or navigate a new area makes me feel incompetent, hopeless, and sad
  • I don’t think people will listen to me or find me credible in this new area
  • I don’t know if I will be successful in starting a business, it seems so scary
  • I feel stuck and no matter how hard I work, I can’t free myself
  • I should be further along and feel more fulfilled

Or maybe you have reached this phase of the journey:

  • You are excited about new possibility, but are overwhelmed about what you do not know. With so much to learn, it’s difficult to determine what is the best route for you to take
  • You went after another certification or training in hopes that it would better prepare you as an expert for your business brand
  • You are picking up nuggets and tips from various nursing or business coaches, but these pieces do not fit together to make an overall successful strategy for you
  • You invested in a coaching program (or two) while working full-time and later realized that there were gaps in the program that left “blind spots” in your business

The Truth

You are more than enough, you can start right where you are in life, and you do not need to abruptly resign in order to grow business success.

You may think you need to more training, certifications, and classes; and that you do not have enough knowledge to grow from your current situation. Oftentimes, the real problem is nursing leaders do not truly believe in themselves to manifest this new vision. They struggle with self-doubt, fear, their mindset, and need specific strategies.

That’s why the Life Reinvention Business Coaching Program was created just for leaders like you!

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Dr Felice Carlton Business Coaching

My Transparent Story…

I was just like you, the only difference is I started my journey in 2014.

In 2014, I was working full-time as a registered nurse (that was just accepted into a DNP Family Nurse Practitioner program), and I attended a business conference that changed my life. It released something in me that I did not realize was lying dormant. As a result, I joined my first high-end coaching program that cost $7,000 (in 2014… yikes!). It was TERRIFYING to make such a large investment on faith in something that felt right but was incredibly scary. This one decision absolutely changed my life, started the foundation for my business, and led to tremendous connections and resources that continue to pay off to this day.

While this first coaching program established a great foundation, I began to realize that it left gaps in my knowledge. To really meet my business’s needs, I had to hire additional coaches to fill unaddressed voids. A few high-end coaching programs later, I realized two major issues in the marketplace.

Problems/Challenges with Other Coaching Programs

1. The Programs Were Not Created to Handle the Unique Lifestyle Challenges of Nurse Leaders.
Most business coaching programs (or MBA programs) are not taught by nursing leaders that also had to work full-time while growing their business from scratch. These program often do not understand the unique emotional and physical heaviness of our profession, so the assignments and recommendations are not always relevant to our lifestyle.

2. They Leave Gaps in Your Knowledge.
There are coaching programs created by nurses, but they often have gaps; so you will subsequently need to hire additional coaches to fill in the gaps. As a new business owner, you typically have a lack of awareness of what do you do not know, so it can be difficult to discern gaps initially. You will eventually realize that while you are receiving value in certain areas, you have new needs that are not being addressed.

Dr Felice Carlton Business Coaching

Learn From My Experiences

After many years of high-level investments, disappointments, overwhelm, FEAR, frustration, success, and triumph; I FINALLY learned all the components it took to build a successful business and brand.

Allow me to shorten your learning curve, teach you critical foundations, and help you to avoid my costly mistakes. REMEMBER: you’re likely an expert in nursing and NOT in creating and running your own successful business. Together, let’s work together to position your nursing experience as a tool for business mastery (even if your business is not related to nursing).

I’ve invested over $75,000 in learning the best business strategies from international industry-experts. Subsequently, I compiled all the knowledge that was directly relevant to nursing leaders and crafted a program specifically for you.

No other program is this comprehensive AND specifically created for nursing leaders as the Life Reinvention Business Coaching Program.

My business clients have been able to: quickly launch their business, establish profitable systems, win pitch competitions, obtain pay raises, secure job promotions, and attract paying clients.

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I reached out to Dr. Felice Carlton initially to assist me with my “expert positioning” for my new small business. We established a professional relationship and began working. Dr. Felice is focused and motivational. She helped me hone my messaging down and solidify a succinct statement that clearly identified who I am and what I do. As a result of our work together, organizations have reached out to me to hire me for paid speaking engagements and other opportunities. I have continued our coaching relationship, as she continues to help me provide the necessary structure and content for my business to work with my ideal client. Dr. Felice’s personal touch is most helpful to anyone wishing to grow their ideas and stretch. I highly recommend her!

Dr. Tomika Williams, PhD, AGNP-C, CDP
Geriatric Clinical Expert
Golden Health Education and Consulting, PLLC

Tomika Williams
Tequia Williams

Dr. Felice is an incredible health, life, and business coach. She has committed herself fully to my personal and professional development in every way imaginable. Dr. Felice strategically helps me to work through my struggles and is always prepared with tons of resources that I can readily implement. I would not be in the position that I am without Dr. Felice helping me to compartmentalize my life, create plans, work the plans, and see the results. I’ve been able to grow in my confidence as a business owner, win pitch competitions, and increase my brand awareness. She always encourages me, and opens my eyes to see that I am making progress and I am accomplishing the goals that I’ve set for myself. Hiring Dr. Felice has been the best decision I have made to help get my life back on track towards living on purpose.

Tequia Williams RN, BSN, CMSRN
Seemlyss Beauty, LLC
Charlotte, North Carolina


We consider applications on a first come, first served basis.

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As life changes- you will have support and strategy to help you navigate new challenges.

Coaching Membership Benefits

Comprehensive Brand Assessment with Dr. Carlton:

This session is a personalized deep-dive into your business brand and how you can increase your expert positioning in the marketplace.
(Value $1,250)

Twelve Months of Group Coaching with Dr. Carlton:

Twice per month laser focus calls focusing on expert branding and business development strategy that you can implement immediately. Gain access to strategic resources tailored to your individual and group needs.
(Value $9,000)

Twelve Months of Expert Support Calls:

Ask questions, present challenges or ideas and receive feedback with action steps.
(Value $5,760)

Access to Dr. Carlton between designated calls to answer questions:

Sometimes unexpected business opportunities or challenges arise. You do not have to wait until the next scheduled coaching call to receive feedback on quick questions, or unexpected time-sensitive opportunities.
(Value $5,000)

Access to Exclusive Coaching Online and Offline Community with support: Obtain accountability partner(s) and feel supported in a safe community of like-minded leaders on the same journey as you.
(Value $2,500)

Live Mastermind Retreat Customized to your needs:

Join us live for a strategic business implementation retreat to map out key business components and exponentially project your business forward. Receive real-time feedback on the work we complete together. This experience is only available to business coaching clients and not the public.
(Value $1,700)

1 VIP Ticket to Live Event:

VIP entry and seating at the next public live event and given the opportunity to share your success in print media profiles of event materials. This exposure is key to building your network.
(Value $1,500)

Access to UNLEASH™ Mindset and Resilience Course (and Bonus Resources):

Learn 10 tangible mindset and resilience strategies that can be quickly implemented into any busy leader’s life.
(Value $350)

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Nurse Leader Business Curriculum

Module 1:
Expert Positioning and Branding

What is Your Unique Value?

Why You? What makes stand out among competition as the BEST choice?

Gain clarity on your ideal vision for your company, enhance your brand collateral, and learn to exhibit your expertise and experience as unique market differentiators.

[Comprehensive 1:1 Brand Audit and 90 Minute Initial Strategy Session Included]

Valued at $1,747

Module 2:
Ideal Client and Target Market Identification

Who Do You Serve?

Clearly map out your ideal client, and dig deep into their challenges, struggles, and frustrations. Creating targeted solutions to their problems distinguishes your company as the best answer for their unique situation.

Valued at $1,947

Module 3:
Clear Succinct Messaging

What Outcomes Do You Provide?

It’s critical to have clear messaging that articulates what you do; and that speaks to the client in a language that resonates with them. This allows your ideal client to be magnetically attracted to you in a way that they begin to trust your expertise with understanding their specific situation.

[Perfect elevator speech: Who You Serve and What You Do ($97 value)]

Valued at $2,097

Module 4:
Products and Services

How Do You Serve?

What is your distinctive signature system for generating client outcomes?

The process of how you serve is unique to you and your business. Let us help you identify your exclusive proprietary methodology and generate products and services that align with your goals. Crafting your Unique Proprietary Signature System allows your company to stand out among competitors as a premium investment and the only one with this system and outcomes.

Valued at $2,497

Module 5:
Connecting with Your Audience (Pt. 1)

How Do You Leave a Lasting Impact?

Speaking is a quick way to enhance your credibility while allowing you to provide value to multiple people concurrently. This is marketing strategy and income opportunity can lead to spin-off opportunities and new clients.

Speaking System:

  Deliver and craft irresistible signature speech leading to spin off opportunities and clients

  Learn speaker one sheet components to get you booked in front of your ideal clients

  Develop speaking system from start to finish (pitching emails, telephone script, tracking, pre-event questionnaire, etc)

  Learn components of a speaker’s portfolio

Valued at $6,997

Module 6:
Connecting with Your Audience (Pt. 2)

How Do You Connect Virtually and In-Person?

It’s important to know where your audience is found online and in-person. This allows you to position your efforts to provide value, and make connections in areas where they spend their time. People buy from those that they know, like, and trust. Stop being the world’s best-kept secret, and step into providing valuable transformation to clients that love your services.

Social Media and Networking System:

  Social media content creation and automation

  LinkedIn strategy and resources that attract paid opportunities and clients ($997)

  Strategic networking (online and in-person)

  Exploring those that can connect you with your desired audience

Valued at $2,197

Module 7:
Obtain New Clients and Project Your Income

How Do You Exchange Your Expertise and Value with the Client?

Nursing leaders often feel very uncomfortable with “selling.” Let us show you how to change your perspective from “selling,” to offering tremendous value to those you’re called to serve. Remember, they need your help, and this is how they learn the ways in which can support them. Discover how to navigate conversations in a manner where you feel comfortable being your authentic self, and your prospective clients are excited to work with you.

Obtain New Clients:

  Sales conversation, discovery calls, and conversion ($997)

  Learn a highly-effective templated script to convert interested individuals into paying clients through discovery calls

  Pitching system and templates to utilize

  Learn how to calculate a projected income based upon the number of prospective clients that you connect with

Valued at $2,997

Module 8:
Tools for Success

What Tools Do You Need to Promote Success in Your Business?

  Batching and organizing work for busy professionals

  Share tools for project management, organization, contract signing, invoicing/payment processing, lead capture, calendar, email marketing, social media creation and automation

  Access to personal rolodex of top-level experts in various disciplines

Valued at $1,947

Module 9:

How Will You Nurture Prospective Clients that are not ready to Purchase?

Remember your social media following does not belong to you, it belongs to the social media companies. Learn how to create a compelling lead magnet and the importance of building your email list. This provides value over time to prospects that may not be ready to purchase on their first encounter with your company.

Valued at $2,147

Bonus Module:
Media Presence

Do you know how to be featured in media?

Media is a unique differentiator from your competition and increases your credibility. Learn how to pitch to Media (previous clients have received multiple bookings with ABC, NBC, local news, and other online media sources)

Valued at $1,097

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